Concert of "Exclusive Dance"



         On the 16th of December 2012, the traditional benefit concert of “Exclusive Dance” team took place. It was called “Circle of friends2013”. All groups of “Exclusive” collective and also children who danced on the stage for the first time participated at this concert. It was pleasant to watch at these wonderful pupils, our cute peepers and delicious fruits. All people remained pleasantly surprised and excited. Our dancers from the middle group, the pairs who have participated on different competitions, had the opportunity to open our concert. They danced waltz and they showed a difficult latin-program and contemporary dances. Modern and contemporary dances were represented by our teens. Also it was interesting to travel together with “Exclusive” to Brazilian Carnival. New beautiful costumes, interesting dances, professional dancers and the best presenters ofMoldova: Doinita Gherman and Maslincova Tatiana.

     Famous people, politicians and art people were present on the concert. Finally, the president of “Exclusive” collective and thanked for support all the guests who came to this wonderful concert which was made to develop the world of dance in our country. Then, the famous singer Doinita Gherman sang the last song. Of course, we had the opportunity to watch incendiary fireworks which created a beautiful atmosphere of celebration.

   After the end of the concert , the collective “Exclusive” gave to participants diplomas and gifts from “Bucuria”, “Apa Buna” , “Aquarelle” companies.