There is no celebration in Moldova that is complete without good dancers or show programs, so we can say with confidence that dancers at our weddings are very important. Modern guests, even from the most remote village from the capital, are very fond of the entertainment program, namely dancing at a wedding or a show.


The Exclusiv team is a worthy, modern and unique choice. Our team is professional and friendly, young, full of energy and thirst for development and reaching new heights. At the moment we have a strong position in the Moldovan dance market. We differ from others in that we can fulfill any, even the most ingenious, client's wishes. Cha-cha-cha, Samba, Waltz, Gypsy, Moldavian dances, Latin show program, tango - all this is not a problem for us. Our group has beautiful, varied and modern costumes, for each dance we have a new dressing up. We also work with guests all evening, we make an incendiary program.


The "Exclusive" ballet show offers you an artistic program in the national style, observing all Moldovan customs. Our task is to make your event incendiary, we guarantee that all people will dance and light up until the morning.

The whole evening package starts from 190 euros. The program includes:

- Meeting all guests in national costumes with bread and salt. (It is possible to meet guests in royal suits of the 19th century or in tailcoats and ball gowns, as well as modern evening dresses)

- Traditional custom "Podiul de flori" (possible with dancers or traditional in Moldovan costumes.) Recently, our dancers have been accompanying newlyweds to the table with two bouquets of white roses!

- Usually the bride's roll (our dancers will not only make the bride's roll beautifully in the rhythm of the Moldavian dance "Hostropets", but also decorate it beautifully and creatively;

- Kef (Folk dances for guests during the feast)

- Demonstration performance of Moldavian folk dance

- 2-8 demonstration dances as a gift (it is possible and more at the request of the client. More than 30 dances of different styles to choose from) + unlimited dances with guests.

- Dancing with guests all evening

- The custom of rolls nanasham;

- The custom of washing hands for the Nanash;

- The custom of rolls to parents;

- All kinds of Moldovan traditions at the request of customers - we know and can implement any Moldovan custom;

- Good mood for the guests;

- The custom of washing hands for nasham.


The standard package can include 2-8 demonstration shows to choose from: Moldavian dances, Gypsy dances, Russian dances, Latin American dances (samba, rumba, rock-in-roll), European dances (Viennese waltz, tango, foxtrot ...), Can-Kan , Oriental dances, Fan show, Wings show, Royal dance show, Georgian dance show, Lizginka, Gagauz dances in Moldova, Bulgarian dances and much more. More than 50 names of dances for each dance there is a new costume.


Special offer - when ordering this offer, you will receive a discount on the first dance of the newlyweds.


Special offer: When ordering Dancers, Photo video shooting and special effects (smoke, light, bubbles, disco machine) - you get a discount on the management of your wedding from our wonderful host Eleonora Bagirova who creatively leads weddings in two languages ​​- Romanian and Russian.


How does Show-Ballet Exclusive work?

-          Usually, 4 persons or 2 couples dance at a wedding. The dancers open celebration meeting your guests (wearing beautiful costumes and create an European atmosphere), than they respect all traditions the bridegroom and bride want. Further, the dancers dance their show-program: Moldovan dance, waltz, gypsy dance, European dance. Also the dancers dance waltz and other styles with your guests. Our dancers are all night at your celebration up to coils of worship.


1)      We have the possibility to meet guests in tail-coats and evening dresses!

2)      We have a multilateral and unique show-program. If you want to make a command to our dancers, to photo-video installation and dance couple, we make 20% reduction!

3)      We have the lowest prices!

There you can get acquainted with our offers. They are presented in the form of packages: Economic, Classic, Standart, VIP, Extra.


Economic Package

-          2 couples meet the guests;

-          Respecting all traditions;

-          The dancers dance with your guests 8 dances;

-          3-4 dances show-program;

-          The dancers work at your celebration all night.


Standart Package

-          2 couples meet your guests;

-          Respecting all traditions;

-          The dancers dance with your guests 12 dances;

-          4-5 dances show-program(for each dance another costume);

-          The dancers work at your celebration all night.


VIP (without limits)

-          2 couples meet the guests;


-          Respecting all traditions;

-          The dancers always dance with your guests;

-          8 dances show-program (gypsy dance, Moldovan dance, oriental dance, Latino, European, Cha-cha-cha, Jive, Tango, Boogie-Voogie etc.)

-          The dancers work at your ceremony all night.


Additional services of our team: Dancers with a varied creative program for any event, teaching the first dance of the newlyweds in any style (mix, tango, waltz, slow dance ...), Special effects - smoke machine (heavy smoke), light, bubbles, laser, light cannon) , fountains for the first dance (cold fireworks) - fireworks on the street, photo video filming of any celebration, the first dance with ballerinas, leading to the celebration, DJ,,