About us

Hi! Our dear ladies and gentlemen, brides and grooms and just friends! We are thankful for choosing our company. Before you phone us, you should read something about our company.

Ways of Development

Our company was founded in 2004 in Chisinau. Firstly, it dealt with photo and video shooting and also teaching dance to students. It was transformed into a dance school and lately it was transformed into a big company which has dealt with weddings organization. It occupies a worthy place in Moldovan business and show-business. About 30 professional people work in our company: professional dancers, photographs, organizers, operators, presenters, musicians, assemblers, designers, etc. We are a friendly team that tries to make your ceremony one of the best.

We are not making advertisements, our advertisement is: “We can organize a beautiful ceremony for you and can create a really nice, pleasant atmosphere for you and your guests.”

Our studio develops continuously. We always improve our possibilities, qualities, and our technique. At the moment we have the most contemporary technique for video shooting: we shoot in HDV format, make Blue Ray mounting and enroll on Blue Ray CDs.

Photo and Video Editing

We process absolutely everything, take pictures manually without restrictions. Photos are taken from RAW format (this is the format from which even the worst photo can be converted into candy). Our editor is the best in the city and Moldova, our master has experience more than 20 years.


Dancers at ceremonies and weddings

Our dancers for the celebrations are distinguished by the fact that they have the most diverse program in Moldova. Our head is the President of the Association of Sports Dance of the Republic of Moldova Exclusiv, also the champion of the Republic of Moldova in sports dancing.

At weddings, our dancers dance a varied program: ballroom dances, folk dances, pop, modern, latino, cha-cha-cha, rock-in-roll, passodoble, tango, waltz, quickstep, gypsy, also the east, hip-hop, wedding waltz, foxtrot and much more. Also, the guys meet guests in national costumes, tailcoats or ball gowns( depends on clients wishes), observe all customs, they are helping you all evening, they dance with your guests: Hora, Sirbu, Gypsy, Waltz, Tango, Club dances, oriental - in in general, everything is your choice.

When wedding dance became relevant in Moldova, our teachers, at the request of clients, began to teach wedding dance art. We tried to stage the best performances, studied with foreign teachers, finally we came to the conclusion that there is no limit to perfection and began to prepare absolutely everything: mixed wedding dance, wedding waltz, wedding tango, wedding latina, wedding jazz, wedding foxtrot, cha-cha-cha. Any dance for every taste can be ordered. At the moment, each teacher produces about 50 dance couples per season.

Special effects at a wedding and heavy smoke

Our company was one of the first in Moldova in providing lighting and accompaniment services for the first dance of newlyweds with heavy smoke.

And of course, the best presenter from our company, Eleonora Bagirova, who will make your celebration truly organized and unforgettable, we also provide the services of a DJ and musicians.

See you at the wedding


We can also help; wedding waltz, wedding photography, wedding videography, dancers for weddings and celebrations, floristry, presenters in Russian, Romanian and English, music parties, hall decoration. All this in Moldova and abroad

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