Our Partners

1) Show ballet Exclusive in Moldova. Professional dancers for all celebrations in Chisinau. Dance styles and directions for every taste. The most varied show program in Moldova.  Dancers for weddings, cumetries and other events.
www.vipsvadiba.md +373 69 256 477

2) Photo and video filming services in Moldova, Chisinau. Professional photo and video filming. When ordering two services for one wedding - photo and video - 20% discount. www.Foto-Moldova.md

3) Wedding dance in Chisinau - dance training for newlyweds at the Exclusive Dance dance school in Chisinau, Moldova
www.vipsvadiba.md +373 69 256 477

4) Special effects in Moldova - lighting effects in Chisinau for weddings, events and celebrations, heavy smoke as a gift.
www.vipsvadiba.md +373 69 256 477

5) Toastmaster Eleonora Bagirova, DJ, Musicians in Moldova - Presenter, organizer of weddings in Romanian and Russian, DJ and musicians with a varied program for weddings and celebrations in Moldova, Chisinau, Balti, Cahul, Comrat, Edinet, Orhei, Hincesti, Stefan Voda and other cities of Moldova
www.vipsvadiba.md +373 69 256 477

6) Dance School Exclusive Dance Studio - dances for children, adults and teenagers. Any styles and ages in Chisinau in the Center (54 Eminescu St.), Botanica district(36/4 Zelinsky St. across the street from the Ferris wheel)

www.tantsi.md +373 69 256 477

7) Botox, Colagen, Keratin, Oleoplasty, Nanoplasty, hair vitaminization in Chisinau and throughout Moldova Beautiful hair is real. Hair reconstruction, treatment of all lengths and split ends. The best compositions. Consultation on the care of your hair. If you have frizzy hair, the ends break, the hair is overdried, empty after bleaching. We will help you. Composition fills hair straightens hydrates gives new life to your hair

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