Something interesting


Something interesting

Loneliness and old age- are practical synonyms. Nowadays some people try to scare others that it is horrible to be old and lonely. That’s why we should find if marriage is really important to us or it is mothers’ wishes, because our parents have a successful marriage and they can’t imagine a happy life without stamp in passport.



Now imagine you are 40 and you divorced with your husband because it was your wish, and now you are looking for somebody- a perfect candidate to become your husband. It is interesting because you live the whole life thinking that you are young, naïve, and you want a life without problems. And now you have practice, you become mature and serious and you wish a perfect marriage with a perfect husband. How complicated should your candidate be?

Of course, he should support you and pay attention to you every sec. Don’t you think that such a man from your age group have experience and he isn’t a perfect candidate, because, certainly, he is divorced and maybe have children. His wife is happy that escaped/get rid of such a man who is part of such category as used garbage. Now he becomes a precious income for you. That’s why, when these people heard phrases like: “I want you to be close to me and support me all my life.” ; they really feel uncomfortable. In my opinion, they also want to find a comfortable and warm place near somebody. Such guys always want to become cowboys and speak with their friends about “Me and my women”.

That’s why, my dear, you should be happy that you have close to you somebody like your husband. Maybe he isn’t a perfect one and you really love him? That’s why you should appreciate what God gave you and live every moment with the greatest pleasure close to your husband, your family!




Dances on ceremonies

The traditional program for weddings in Moldova:

  • 2 pairs of dancers (4 persons) who dance all night;
  • Meeting guests;
  • Respecting all customs and traditions;
  • Show-program which includes about 10 dances (Latino, Belly-dance, Moldovan dances, European dances, Tango…)

If you have a ceremony, you can address to our company and choose a special program for your taste.


Brazilian Carnival in Moldova

1)      Now you can meet something interesting in our country, for example, a Brazilian Carnival. Fired samba rhythms and all beautiful Samba’s movements will impress all spectators, guests fromMoldova. Beautiful Brazilian girls fromMoldovadressed in wonderful costumes made of giant exotic feathers, with pleasure will help your guests and will show all basic steps of this professional dance.

Show-ballet “Exclusive” will dance the wonderful program “Tropicana” and can help everybody who wants to organize a Brazilian party at ceremonies!

2) Latino show at weddings, ceremonies + master-classes

The professional dance couple Dmitrii and Anastasia Grabovki can offer to you a professional show for different kinds of ceremonies as weddings, proms, concerts, etc. They have a big experience more than 5 years. They have been dancing in different restaurants and clubs inMoldova.

Now this couple dance a new program which includes many interesting American-Latino dances and they have for each dance diverse original costumes and can create a wonderful atmosphere. The standard program includes 5 dances: Samba, Passodoble, Cha-cha-cha, Rumba, Jive.

The number of dances can be changed if you want. Also we can organize a ball consists of 3 pairs and many master-classes.

3)       We have a professional belly-dancer in our company who has been dancing about 5 years. She dances in many clubs, restaurants fromMoldova, Chisinau. She has a pleasant appearance, beautiful costumes and necessary accessories for show. A dance with fans, guests, bride and groom, godparents, etc.

4)      Classic Indian Dance

Indian dance is a wonderful, amazing dance, able to seduce any audience. Everybody will appreciate this classic dance from this charmed country. Plastic and grace, gestures and all canonical movements, charming music fromIndia, colourful costumes and make up of dancers will impress everybody.


Our offers:

  • Solo presentations
  • An Indian wedding dance
  • A show-program during an hour
  • Organization of a wedding in Indian style


A program can include:

  • The presentation which includes 1-3 dances
  • An Indian dance

A presentation which includes more than 5 dances in different colourful costumes.