Exclusive Art Group MOLDOVA, CHISINAU ( DANCE, FOTO VIDEO ....) greets you – most diverse across the country. For example: if you have any wedding or celebration, please contact us- dancers at banquets, photo and video shootings, mounting, wedding dance learning! In all services we mentioned, we feel like fish in water. We guarantee quality, professionalism, individual approach for each client. Specialists with practice work in our studio, masters in their jobs.

     When we shoot or take photos at every ceremony, we work with responsibility and seriousness. Usually,  two video operators or two photo operators work at a wedding, also two video installation specialists process all materials and make masterpieces.

     About dancers- we have no problem in this, because we have professional dancers in our studio, those people who teach in our dance school. Many of them are the Champions of RM in dance sport and in contemporary dance. For example, the famous couple Dmitrii and Anastasia Grabovski. When this wonderful couple dances, all audiences admire their figures which are made with professionalism. You can be convinced when you will see our video gallery.

     Usually,  two  professional couples dance at a wedding. What enter in their work? In their work enter: meeting guests in national costumes and if you want create an European atmosphere, they meet guests in evening dresses. Also they respect all national traditions, they dance with guests and they have an exceptional show with different songs and dances. The dancers are at your ceremony till the end. There are over twenty offers. So you can choose dances on your tastes and according to your pocket. The minimum bid is 50 euro.

     The dance school moldova which is located in our studio, offers you the possibility to learn a wedding dance. Our teachers can form any dance in any style you want: waltz, a hot tango, an incendiary Latin moldova chisinau, a formidable Rock & Roll, a happy Boogie-Woogie, super cha-cha-cha, sambo, mixed at least in ten songs/parts (American version, English version, Spanish version, Moldovan version) and more – there is no limit to perfection!

    Also we work with many companies which provide services for ceremonies in Kishinau, Moldova. There fore, if  you need presenters, musicians, restaurants, florists, dancers and dances, photographers, the best teachers in Moldova- Please contact us!!!

   If you want to be convinced by all things we mentioned, you can go to our foto and video gallery and acquaint with our site.

   See you soon- we are waiting for you in our office for having a contract with you!

Attention! – if you want to order from multiple offers, you can receive discounts up to 70 %!!!