Photo and Video Filming Chisinau

The Best Ratio Of Price And Quality From The Studio "Exclusive"

Professional photo and video shooting. Now also 4K quality, Drone, recording to flash as a gift!

The essence of our profession is to leave the memory of your event in life, which will never happen again. We provide photo and video filming services for your wedding, anniversary or celebration. In front of the lens, a person transforms, and we are glad that we have the opportunity to capture these moments and give pleasure to our clients in joint creativity. We do not do simulated scenes, but help you show your potential, help you feel like actors.

We try to find an individual approach to each client. They know us, confide in us, advise us to their friends. We have the best ratio of price and quality.

Our services:

- photo operator;

- video operator;

- producer;

- photo;

- no limitation;

- video - unlimited;

- a love story clip as a gift;

- a flash drive as a gift;

- recording of raw material to the client on the Hard Disk;

- 5 A4 photos as a gift;

- Each guest is photographed with the bride and groom and receives 1 photo 10X15 as a gift at the time of the event;

- Sound recording from musicians' equipment (using our special apparatus);

- Light correction;

- the ability to use multiple cameras for photos and videos;

-mounting of several cameras - 30% discount for dancers;

- 30% discount on the first dance; - 30% discount on special effects;

- selection of music for the film;

- film editing is not limited, and much more;

- Drone;

- Fly cam;

- Shooting love stories and showing at the event;

When ordering a photo & video package - for 650 euros, dancers are for free.

When ordering dancers from us, photo & video, first dance, special effects, heavy smoke, fireworks for the first dance, wedding dance training, leading to celebrations - discounts up to 50%.

Thanks to our experience, we will be able to understand your desires at a glance and implement them. You can be sure of the quality of our work, because we value our clients, which is why they advise us to their friends, and after the wedding they invite children to christening.

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