The Best Dance Show Program For Celebrations

Welcome to Show Ballet Exclusive, which ranks first in terms of the number of events per year at various celebrations in Moldova. Our bright and rich show program is also ordered abroad. The "Exclusive" team employs only top dancers, of a high level and skill, who skillfully cope with any style of dancing, as they are trained by professional trainers. In their opinion, any event should be well done. After all, we give people a holiday.

Beautiful dancers, high-quality and sophisticated perfected dance numbers, a show that is unique in its character and performance, exquisite costumes, bright musical accompaniment, good mood, only a positive attitude that brings your guests is the key to such a stormy national recognition and success of the Exclusive dance group.

We approach each new season with seriousness, new ideas, ideas and, of course, unique images and costumes.

Why are we constantly changing, improving and developing?

It is you, the spectators, guests of the celebrations, invited, only you inspire us to do everything new and of high quality. Now the viewer is very experienced in choosing dancers and shows for their event and contacting us more than once for a high-quality program. Having worked out all 200% at the wedding, we will always be invited to the Cumatriya. Many companies, for example: "Moldova-Gaz", "Cricova" and etc., for several years in a row have chosen the Show Ballet Exclusive for their corporate events, as they are confident in us, in our team, and that everything will be at the highest level.

Every year, we sew new unique dance dresses and costumes (evening dresses for meeting guests of different styles and colors, ball gowns, royal outfits with wigs), a change of numbers, as the audience is happy to see us again and again. If a customer comes back with great reviews, then it's worth a lot. We appreciate and will appreciate the recognition of the people and our guests.

You charge us and inspire us to new and high-quality work, and we dancers of the Exclusive ballet show in Moldova create an unforgettable super-duper mood for you.