Dancers For A Wedding In Moldova - What Moldovan Traditions Can Dancers Help To Perform?

There are a lot of Moldovan traditions for weddings, kumatrias and celebrations, but the main ones that are often relevant at every wedding in Moldova are as follows:

1) Meeting guests in national costumes in Moldova. When guests arrive,Show balet Exclusive dancers stand next to the bride and groom in national Moldovan costumes.

2) Podul de flori or Corridor of flowers. When the bride and groom walk to the table at the beginning of the celebration, the youth and dancers stand opposite each other, creating a corridor of flowers.

3) Chef - at the beginning of the feast, dancers dance folk dances near the groom, the bride and the invited tables, cheering everyone up.

4) The bride's kalach - decorated with flowers, carried out to the traditional Khostropets music, later, according to tradition, the bride and groom break the bride's roll with one hand and whoever has the larger piece will be the owner of the house.

5) Carrying out kalaches to nanasham, washing hands to nanasam. Before the masa mare (when guests give gifts and money to the young), traditional Doina music is played and the dancers bring out a Jug of warm water, clear as a tear, and the bride and groom wash their hands with the nanas, according to tradition it is believed that money should be taken with clean hands. After that, to the music of the Hostropets, the dancers carry out kalaches and gifts for our people.

6) Incuscritul. when dancers bring out two kalaches to each pair of parents and gifts on top of kalaches from the bride and groom, give them to the parents and, according to tradition, they must exchange. The groom's parents with the bride's parents - in this way, as tradition says, become close relatives.

In addition to these traditions, there are many more, but at weddings they are performed less often, such as "Gaina", for example, when a cooked decorated chicken is brought out and the groom must redeem it.

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