Toastmaster For Weddings And Celebrations

At your wedding, guests will have fun until the morning! (Toastmaster + DJ)


As George Chapman said “Getting married is an opera of fate”, but an opera can become truly perfect and grandiose only when it is written and conducted by a real maestro with rich life and professional experience.


Working for more than 10 years in the field of show business, our team can guarantee that any festive event (wedding, birthday, graduation party, corporate events) held by our specialists will turn into a bright, unforgettable celebration.

We offer:

  • holding the event in Russian, Romanian and English;
  • celebration scenario adherence to all Moldovan traditions;
  • a huge list of competitions at your request;
  • toastmaster the whole evening with you;
  • management of weddings, christenings, corporate events, concerts, anniversaries, New Year's events and etc.


Do you want to have fun on celebration until the morning? We will be glad if you choose our presenter and DJ services.

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