Wedding dance


                               ♥Wedding dance♥

   What is a wedding dance? This is the couple’s first dance, bride and groom dancing.

In Moldova, also abroad every wedding starts with such a dance. The style of mixing songs, which came from America, has become old-fashioned. Nowadays for the first dance, bride and groom choose dances which describe love-stories. This dance it’s not necessary to be slowly one, it also can be : Tango, Rumba, Rock & Roll, Quickstep.

   We announce that our dance studio can offer a new style for first dance involving ballerinas. Organize a wonderful show starting with such an original first dance in Chisinau and abroad.


   You and dance- the most luxurious things for your celebration. Do not be afraid of nothing! Be brave and watch all dances, videos and photos on this site and come to our dance-school “Exclusive”, ; which is situated in the centre of Chisinau, Botanica. Our classrooms are repaired, parquet, are equipped with the most advanced equipment. You can look all images on the site.

   It doesn’t matter if you can dance or no, we can help you. You will dance like a professional dancer. It is all depend on you and your effort to dance lessons. You wonder how many lessons you must attend and how much will it cost? Four lessons subscription will cost 600 lei and your dance will be ready. It will be a simple dance, but if you want something original and more complicated dance, for example: Tango, Quickstep, Twist or Latino, you will need more lessons.

Our coaches will teach you how to move correctly and beautiful in a short time. You should address to our company 2 or 3 months before your wedding. This time is sufficient for learning