What Special Effects Are Necessary At A Wedding And Is Heavy Smoke Needed At The First Dance In Moldova?

Do you need special effects at a wedding in Moldova? Of course, especially at the first dance, since the dance of the bride and groom needs to be highlighted, but which light or color to choose depends on the theme of the first dance of the young, usually it is a soft pink or bluish color, but if the first dance is in the style of tango, for example, then of course the color is better to choose red. And all the same, the light and color for the first dance should be discussed in advance and the topic should be chosen. As for the heavy smoke on the first dance, it is of course necessary. ordinary smoke will rise into the air and will prevent newlyweds and guests from breathing, and photographers to take high-quality photographs. Another of the special effects for the first dance, we would suggest cold, safe fireworks - fountains.

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